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What is Art of Conquest?

Art Of Conquest is a different multiplayer online strategy game, which is published by Lilith Games. The game permits gamers to enter the dream world where they remain in complete control of an army of all legendary animals from dwarves, mage, and monsters. The video game highlights console-like gaming experience to the pocket platforms. A gamer who owns Android or iOS pocket gadgets can install the Art Of Conquest video game from the game store and likewise try Art Of Conquest Hack.

Art of Conquest supplies gamers with a mix of role-playing video games along with great deals of MMO gameplay. In the start, players are offered an option to pick a kingdom, which they want to represent from the choices; such as, Skarn, Hyral, Icarum, Nefrak, Dunwulf, and Athaly. Each of these kingdoms offers a tactical benefit or drawback to the players based on its place and topography.

Once you choose the kingdom, you can select a warrior from alternatives such as Gladiator, General, and Mage. The warrior can be required to the conquests in addition to other soldiers to get an advantage over your opponents' troops.

Managing the gameplay is simple as you have to drag your hero to the desired location in the map to begin a fight. When you enter the battleground, you will come to know the variety of soldiers that the enemies have, so that you can prepare your attack carefully.

The video game has ended up being incredibly popular among gamers throughout the globe, due to its distinct gameplay experience. There are great deals of factors that have contributed towards increasing fan following of Art of Conquest game, and some of these are pointed out listed below:

How to hack Art of Conquest?

Gold: Gold is the primary currency of the video game, which is needed for buying weapons, opening areas, and much more. Gold can be earned throughout the game as they are scattered across the map. You can even purchase Gold by investing Linari or make use of Art Of Conquest hack 2019 to create them quickly.

Linari: It is the premium game currency, which can make you the most powerful ruler or warrior in the entire kingdom. The possession of Linari defines your fate in the game, so if you own more Linari, then you are effective otherwise weak. Linari can be used for any function; like purchasing resources, updating your hero, buying rush, getting rare items, and so on. That's why people like our Art Of Conquest Hack even it can generate this quickly!
You can not make Linari in the video game, and the only alternative left is then you can purchase Linari from the video game store by using original loan, or by using Art Of Conquest Hack. Whenever you acquire these currencies ensure that you buy a bigger pack as more lucrative deals are used on larger bundles.

User-Friendly Controls: Unlike console video games that have a tedious control system, Art of Conquest includes basic and user-friendly controls. The easy-to-use control system assures that any gamer can play the video game with ease. Due to this function, players of all age groups can play and take pleasure in the game.

Engaging Quest System: All MMO video games are terrific, but after some time they become tiresome due to the same endless battles. Nevertheless, in Art of Conquest video game, things are various; as you will be supplied with a Quest List, that needs to be finished. A conclusion of these missions not just assists in collecting significant resources or collectibles but likewise gives a sense of purpose to the video game. The quests are continuously upgraded to supply a story-like experience to the players. As the story progresses, the searches ends up being significant, and the benefits also offered increase.

Town Building: The video game not only supplies the gamers with role-playing or MMO battle experience, however likewise provides them with various type of Town Building experience. To check out brand-new locations, players need to update their Town Castle. If your Town Castle is not upgraded, great deals of locations will stay covert to you. You can upgrade your Town Castle only after you have built the needed variety of additional buildings. So, to become efficient in updating your Town Castle, you need to the very first surface building other structures that are pointed out in the game.

Resource Management System: The video game likewise involves gathering essential resources such as Wood, Gold, and Elixir. Funds can be easily acquired by using Art Of Conquest Cheats. You need these resources to build and update your soldiers, construct buildings such as Barracks, Hospital, Fort, and so on. You can get these resources by beating smaller enemy garrisons that are stationed to secure these resources. You can likewise construct Saw Mill, Magic Stream, and House as these structures produce a fixed amount of Gold, Wood, and Elixir, respectively. The amount of these resources obtained can be increased by building more such buildings or by updating the existing ones. In addition to these resources, you also need to concentrate on the build-up of different resources such as Blood Diamond, Mythril, Crystals, Troop Rush, Structure Rush, and Honor. These resources have high importance and at the very same time are tough to acquire.

Hero Upgrade And Troop Management: In the video game, you start your journey with one hero; however, as the story advances more heroes will join you. Every fight in which a hero participates supplies the hero with experience points. On collecting a particular quantity of experience points, the hero instantly levels up. Leveling up increases the hero's health and also opens individual capabilities of the hero. In many cases, leveling up likewise enables the hero to utilize a specific gear such as Armor or Weapon, which was inaccessible earlier. You can also equip your hero with your preferred weapons and armor so that it becomes challenging to eliminate him in the fight. Similar to heroes, you can even develop an army of soldiers such as Knights, Spearman, Archers, Swordsman, and so on. In addition to this, you can upgrade your existing soldiers to make them more powerful, quicker, and better in the battle. All these features make the video game more pleasurable and hence have attracted millions of gamers. If you like playing Art of Conquest game however you are questioning how to excel at playing it, then below-mentioned aspects will undoubtedly help you out:

Success: The video game likewise has a success meter, which reveals how thriving your town is as compared to other cities. The prosperity meter increases when you build new structures. Increased prosperity permits you to upgrade to a better town castle. So, ensure you keep constructing new structures as and when you get a chance.

Multiplayer Rush And Benefits: The best part about the video game is that you can lead your troops to other kingdoms to loot their town. This makes the experience much better, as the stakes are high; therefore are the rewards. On successfully winning enemy fights, gamers are awarded resources and experience points, which can be used to upgrade your existing structures and soldiers.

Resource Present Load: To make your kingdom stronger, the game likewise rewards you with an everyday resource gift for the very first seven days. The offering includes 100 Linari, 1000 of each Gold, Wood, and Elixir, in addition to one Hour Rush. So, make sure you collect all of them on the first seven days, as they will help you in making your kingdom better. Nevertheless, you can also merely utilize the Art Of Conquest Hack to get these resources. The video game has scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on the score chart. So, what are you waiting on, merely download this video game and integrate it with Art of Conquest Hack and be the biggest conqueror the world has ever seen!
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